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Timo Bernhard Celebrates 20 Years with Porsche
2019-05-25 19:43 UTC by Chris Cushing

As of 2019, Timo Bernhard is the longest-serving Porsche works driver. While his highest profile victory came in 2017, with his upset Le Mans victory, Bernhard has been putting rubber to the road for two full decades as of this month. Of the current drivers, he's also the only one to have won championships at every level of the "Porsche...

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What Is The New 911 Speedster Like To Drive On The Road?
2019-05-24 13:19 UTC by Bradley Brownell

A few years ago, we discussed the idea of a GT3 Cabriolet (below). Some of us thought it was a great idea, and others not so much. It took almost five years, but Porsche finally built something that is basically the 991 GT3 Cabriolet that we asked for, but better. Consider the 991.2 Speedster a send off for the chassis. This is among the last...

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Inconspicuous Dragster: The New Carrera 4S Can Run with Hypercars
2019-05-23 17:38 UTC by Tommy Parry

It's often said that Porsche horsepower is a little more potent than other marques' horsepower. Perhaps having the motor so close to the driven wheels minimizes drivetrain losses, or maybe there's simply a bit of magic at work between the broad haunches of a Porsche. In any event, it's not unusual to see a fairly standard 911 hanging with cars...

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Porsche Cartoon
2019-05-22 14:24 UTC by Jerry King

überwältigende Schönheit

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2019-05-20 14:53 UTC by Bradley Brownell

We've been compiling some amazing Porsche models on the internet for over five years now, and we've seen some pretty astonishing examples pop up now and again. This week the weather has been nice, so we're looking to get out and hit the track day circuit. Here are a bunch of cars ready and willing to head for laps at your favorite circuit....

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Origin of the Species: Type 64 Goes to Auction in August
2019-05-19 19:43 UTC by Chris Cushing

The Type 64 was many things, but it was not conventionally beautiful. Designed to make the most of a tuned, 32-horsepower variant of the Volkswagen Type I flat-four, the all-aluminum car was a masterpiece of 1930s aerodynamics. The riveted construction was strong and rigid for the day, and emulated the construction techniques used on then-current...

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Watch This Singer Have An Incredibly Close Call
2019-05-18 01:22 UTC by Tommy Parry

CODE BROWN! I'm going to need a change of shorts over here, please.

When navigating the infamous Tail of the Dragon, one must exercise a little caution. Blind bends and off-camber turns dot the eleven-mile stretch of country road in Deals Gap, North Carolina, and too much gusto can lead to a very costly incident.


Even more the case if the...

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Driving the Ultimate Pushrod 356, the SC/GT
2019-05-14 22:53 UTC by Chris Cushing

Porsche nomenclature can be confusing. In the world of 356s, the Carreras were the top of the heap. The lightweight quad-cam Carreras and Carrera 2s were the GT3s of their day; they were deeply specialized, performance-first machines. Today, however, the Carrera name denotes the bottom of the 911 hierarchy. The SC/GT fit somewhere between the...

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Porsche Cartoon
2019-05-14 14:25 UTC by Jerry King

That's a lot of towels!

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Mark Webber Scares Tennis Pro in a Carrera 4S Cabriolet
2019-05-13 18:00 UTC by Tommy Parry

In addition to being Porsche's most famous brand ambassador, Mark Webber is a genuinely warm-hearted bloke. Never staid, tight-lipped, or solemn, the affable Aussie has natural charm that is only bettered by his superhuman driving ability. Those two qualities come in quite handy when guiding a tennis star around a testing circuit in a very quick...

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