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Video of Porsche Police Chase

>We spend a good portion of our days here at Cyberdildo.info surfing the web and looking for Porsche related subjects and ideas. As a result, we have a fairly intricate system of automated alerts that let us know when there is something new going on in the world of Porsche.

New Porsche Video

So, last week when an alert popped up announcing a new Porsche video was available on YouTube we went looking with our usual anticipation. While the video in question wasn’t new, it is none the less one of our all time favorites and we were happy to be reminded of it. If you’ve never heard of Getaway in Stockholm, then the video below should provide a great introduction for you. This production company creates videos based on the premise of outrunning the police through the early morning streets of Stockholm Sweden. We present it here in its entirety for your viewing pleasure.

Consider these few things before you watch Porsche Getaway in Stockholm:

  1. There is a small bit of adult language/music at the very beginning of the video for those of you with sensitive ears. Fortunately it ends about 45 seconds in and that's when things start to get interesting.
  2. The production quality on this video and the sound is amazing. It’s like watching a video game. It actually made my heart race.
  3. There is considerable controversy over this video and others like it as to its authenticity. I’ve (from a year or two ago) regarding this subject.
  4. The video is long, but well worth watching in its entirety. Pretty amazing driving.
  5. Is it Real?

    Obviously the car is set-up with an intricate camera system to capture multiple angles that can then be edited after the fact. There are more videos available on the Getaway in Stockholm web-site. Some of them look a lot more convincing then this one. What did you think? Is it real? Let us know and let me know of other great videos we should be looking at.

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  • film is sped up. The give away is the airport lights. All airport lights spin at the same speed and the lights in this film are going way to fast.

  • Besides all the above this guy can not drive a 911, his car control is terrible and the worst thing you can do is stab the throttle like he was doing in every section in the video, , on and off on and off. Brutal.. One thing for sure I would never lend my Porsche 930 to him.

  • Very cool I would like to drive a stretch like that no traffic, no red lights and only green lights how lucky is that. I envy him. I used to get up early on Sunday morning and do that once and a while but not quite like that.
    I like it, thanks