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Porsche Puts Pop Up Shop Atop French Resort Mountain

Porsche has placed a new Cayenne inside a ‘Crystal Dome’ on top of a mountain in Méribel, France. The move is an obvious publicity stunt, but it worked, because we’re writing about it. The ‘Dome’ comes equipped with a Porsche Product Genius and a hostess on hand to help potential customers with questions, offer personalized advice, and book test drives. The ‘world’s highest pop-up store’ outside of the Rok restaurant, some 7,550 feet above sea level.

In what Porsche is calling a ‘sporty and convivial’ move, they’ve placed a Porsche Fun Zone outside of the lodge at the Le Yule Hotel in Val d’Isère near the Franco-Italian border in the Alps. This so-called Fun Zone is intended to allow potential customers on a skiing vacation to spend a bit of time taking advantage of those aforementioned test drives in new Porsche family-oriented cars [Cayennes, Panamera Sport Turismos, and Macans]. Drivers will be able to drive Porsche’s five-door models in wintry conditions on the local mountain roads. Porsche also touts an impressive array of down-hill off road driving, and a snowy obstacle course nearby for testers to experience.


Porsche would also like you to know just how much of a logistical nightmare all of this Fun Zone and Crystal Dome mess caused their PR team. The dome structure weighs a mega three-tons in all, featuring gorgeous flooring, crystal clear glass, and the dome scaffolding structure, all of which was hauled up the mountain by helicopter and assembled in place. The Cayenne itself was hauled into place by a team of snowmobiles, which must have absolutely been a sight to see.

This pop-up store will remain in place through March 9th, so get up to the top to see it if you’re so inclined. If you can’t be bothered to book a trip to France for the experience, check out this gallery of photos. It sure looks cool.

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