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The Porsche 911 by way of Bugatti

Bugatti's designers seem to have an affection for the 911. Achim Anscheidt, the brand's head of design drives a backdated '82 911. While Achim's car looked at the model's past, Chiron designer Sasha Selipanov looks at the model's future. Rather than increasing the size of the bulging wheelarches, or fussing with the light layout within the familiar round housings, these renders change the whole approach to the model. This series of sketches and renderings by Selipanov offer a radical take on the model's future evolution.

These radical departures from the 911's current design direction have not completely thrown out fifty years of history. The 911's shape has always been driven by its layout, and the shape of the cabin is fundamentally similar to past 911s. The headlights are set in cavernous openings, but are themselves separate from the bodywork, evoking the Mission-E prototype.

While the roof-line has similarities in profile to past 911s, the double-bubble roof line is much more Zagato than Porsche. The doors cut into the roof, much like the Ford GT40 and the re-imagined Ford GT supercar of a decade ago. The in-set taillights, cleverly, form the outer edge of the rear diffuser.

Though the renders include numerous concept car-tropes, such as oversized wheels and unusual lighting, they are an interesting take on a model which hasn't changed this radically since the controversial 996.

An extensive gallery detailing the ins and outs of this radical design is attached below.

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