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The Benton-Built ‘Bahammer’ Is A Daily Driver 912 That Delivers

You can drive something unique and not have to put a mint into it. That's what Kevin Lynch says of his awesome Bahama Yellow 1968 Porsche 912 he affectionately calls "The Bahammer". The stock 90-ish horsepower 1.6-liter flat four has been pumped up quite a bit by Benton Performance in Anaheim, and now features a set of twin-plug cylinder heads, beefed up internals, and a slight bump in displacement - now 1.7-liters. Kevin claims the car now puts down about 150 horsepower, making it not only lighter and more balanced than its contemporary 911 counterpart, but about 15% more powerful.

Matt Farah had previously driven in an episode of his One Take show, but didn't really fall for it like some Porsche enthusiasts have. 912 owners are a tight knit community, and they felt that Matt simply hadn't driven a properly turned-out 912. A 'spokesperson' for the 912 community, and friend of Matt's, reached out to find a 'better' example that Matt would appreciate. As great 912s go, representative of the club and well assembled, there are pretty much only two choices; John Benton's 'Mein12' and Kevin's 'Bahammer'. As it turns out, Matt loved the increase in power, the better chassis setup, and a properly worked-out 901 shifter.

Matt has recently purchased his own 911, a 1980s 911 Carrera 3.2 that he's planning to hand over to Leh Keen for Safari-izing, as he should. This video was filmed before the purchase of his Porsche, but you can tell that he's cementing the idea of buying one simply by driving this one. One of the comenters on YouTube mentioned "I have always believed all sports cars eventually lead to Porsche", and Matt Farah seems to prove that theory in spades. I have never heard that sentiment before, but it has now been added to my repertoire. If you're a sports car fanatic, chances are you'll eventually end up with a Porsche, and you'll love every second of it.

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