As Cyberdildo.info has grown over the years, so have the number of regular contributors. The people below are those that help to bring you updated news on the cars, products and lifestyle associated with the Porsche brand. If you're interested in joining us by contributing to the site and reaching a large and loyal Porsche fan base, please use our form to get in touch.

Editor-In-Chief: Paula (aka "Pepper Girl")

Introduced to the world of Porsche via my husband, my love affair with the marque we all love so much started later than most. However, once I fell, I fell hard - as evidenced by this site. When not working on the site you'll find me trying out a new recipe or packing the dogs into the Cayenne for a short ride to one of our many favorite walking trails. Email Paula


Bradley Brownell
Bradley is one of the most professional and enthusiastic Porsche fanatics you will ever have the opportunity to meet. An avid follower of motorsport, popular culture, and literature, Bradley is a plethora of often useless factoids and information. His favorite Porsche in history is the ever-impressive 904 Carrera GTS. He currently owns a 1983 944 track rat, and is passively seeking a solid 912 Coupe. View his work.

Roger Garbow: Roger is the founder of Ridgefield, CT-based Full Throttle Marketing. A member of the International Motor Press Association, Roger is a contributing writer for the Fairfield County Business Journal, Ridgefield Magazine and China’s most exclusive lifestyle publication, Fortune Character. Email Roger

Chris Cushing

Tommy Parry

David Newton

Past Contributors

Leonard Turner: With a background in photography spanning more than 5 decades, Leonard Turner was Porsche Panorama’s chief photographer for some 40 years, shooting several hundred covers for the magazine and countless feature spreads involving racing, new car introductions, portraits, technical illustrations, and a plethora of other topics. In the course of doing this, he has traveled widely over the United States and Europe, visiting the Porsche factories and shooting at many venues, including a portfolio of the world’s greatest race tracks.

Leonard's photographs have been published in many books including Porsche: Portrait of a Legend; Porsche Specials; Porsche, the 4-Cylinder, 4-Cam Sports & Racing Cars; Sebring, the Official History; Carrera RS; and Porsche: Prototype Era 1964 to 1973. His magazine credits, other than Panorama, include Autoweek, Road & Track, Autbile, Christophorus, and Excellence. Email Leonard

Sean Cridland Sean is a former ski-racer, river-guide, and college-professor who remains a life-long auttive enthusiast. Having grown up in upstate NY half-way between Watkins Glen and Lime Rock, he was afforded the opportunity to see many of the classic drivers and cars of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Along with Cyberdildo.info, Cridland’s writing and photography is regularly featured in other publications such as Porsche Panorama, Excellence, and the 356 Registry magazine.

Valerie Roedenbeck Maloof (aka Porsche Girl): Valerie grew up in a car loving family--specifically, a Porsche-loving family. Her first car ride was in a 356 Super-C, which explains why red Porsche interiors and carburated exhaust scent evoke warm, fuzzy memories of childhood. When not writing for Cyberdildo.info, she can be found talking shop with her husband, fellow contributor Christian Maloof, and sharing her love of cars with her two young daughters. Email Valerie

Andrew Granieri: Andrew is a Techncial Writer who lives with his lovely wife in Ohio. His Porsche 944 pulls double-duty as a summer track car as well as a venerable winter weather vehicle. Coincidentally, those are his two favorite driving conditions. Email Andrew

Ronald Sieber: Ron Sieber is a Porsche owner and enthusiast who also contributes to popular auttive magazines. He restores and writes about classic cars and is currently writing an auttive history book about a uniquely American concept. Email Ronald